Today is the auspicious day of Ekadashi. In Vaishnav culture, we fast every fortnight for religious reasons but there is a really good scientific reason behind this fasting tradition. You should refrain from eating and give your digestive system some rest every fortnight to cleanse your body.

Couple of years back, I came across this beautiful poem. I do not know its author but the wordings are so true.

Useless are your pilgrimages galore

If your thoughts remain as before

And useless is a whole month’s fast

If your mind continues its merry repast

Of what use is your sacrificial fire

If it doesn’t burn your base desire

And God will surely set your prayers aside

If you visit a temple and then show pride

Your pilgrimages, fasts, worship, sacrifice

All these will never suffice

If your conduct continues to remain the same

For then these are not holy.

They’re just a game!