I have decided to create a watch box from old shipping box. I wanted to try paper mache from long time and this Sunday i finally got a chance to get creative.

Ofcourse the box decoration involves quilling and I am out of quilling strips so time to make some 🙂 I have found an easy way to make quilling strips. I use hand shredder and shred strips from A4 size papers.

Beautiful papers and my mini paper shredder

First of all, I covered whole box with a gift paper.

Gift wrapped shipping box

Fun starts now!! I have used neon colors on the box this time because the inside of the box is going to be bright and colorful. Here are step by step pictures of colorful ‘Mandala’ design for my Watch Box.

After top mandala design was done, i made a big quilled circle and glued it to one side.

Mandala Design in Neon Colors!!! Gorgeous 🙂

Now for the inside design, I have used glue gun to stick colorful cloth to all sides.

Beautiful Inside 🙂